We are centrally located in Houston, Texas and service Community Associations in and around Harris County.


Marshall Management Group, Inc. (MMGI) is a full service professional community and development management corporation; providing administrative, financial and facility management services, and support for Home Owners Associations (HOA’s), Condominium, Town-home Loft Associations, Community Developers, Specialty Dwellings, and Private/Absentee Property Owners. MMGI has been at the forefront of the industry and continues to have its hand upon the pulse of Southeast Texas for nearly 20 years.


At MMGI, we are committed to the idea of developing great communities.


“Our goal is not simply finding clients, and doing work. We aim to form lasting relationships, and provide a service of supporting the people first.”


We also have an outstanding reputation within the industry and set the Homeowners Association Management bar high, while ensuring our staff is applying industry best practices and standards. More importantly, we simply love what we do.